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Cross Fighting- unique at the KKA! Self Defense & Fitness packed in an exciting new modern system!

What is Cross Fighting?

Cross Fighting is a self-defense system developed by Mike Turk. The focus is simple effective techniques and the relation to reality, It is easy for anyone who wants to learn. Cross Fighting primarily aims to be a holistic, realistic self-defense system, but the sporting aspect should not be neglected either.


The team around our head instructor Mike is always trying to get further education and to get to know new training methods in order to continuously develop CF. Mike has managed to create a unique system from various training methods from boxing, Thai kick boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, BJJ and Wheeler Systema that never stands still.


Simple methods such as SHIELD technology already allows beginners to protect themselves effectively. In addition, fitness comes as a 100% bonus. As you may have noticed, the fitness industry has now come across the benefits of martial arts training, and a lot of punch and kick elements are sold on the market as "fitness".


The fact is, that you get everything from us, proper martial arts training - that will also get you fitter and healthier through everyday life.




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