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general course conditions


All courses generally take place at your own risk. The trainers reserve the right to exclude individuals from participating in the course without stating reasons. Reasons can be: the participant is slightly alcoholic, is under the influence of drugs, is obviously injured, etc. ... Upon confirmation of the course, each participant accepts that the organizer, the trainers, the confidants (assistants) the trainers) are hold harmless and without complaint. Participation is possible in any body constitution. If participants have injuries or know complaints before the start of the course, this information must be communicated to the trainer before the start of the course. Injuries that occur during the course are at your own risk. The exercises are not an obligation, if a participant does not feel able to do so, they can be suspended at any time. The course should be fun and make you feel safe in the long term!


To bring along to the course (unless otherwise defined):


  • Training robe that can possibly be damaged (can happen)

  • Indoor / outdoor shoes (depending on the course)

  • Towel big & small for floor activities or if it gets "sweaty"

  • Water bottle - otherwise some water will be found in the Academy

  • Maybe writing utensils and a pad for notes

  • A lot of energy and desire for something new

Cancel courses (this does not mean KKA membership):

  • Courses can be canceled free of charge 3 working days before the start of the course, unless otherwise stated.

  • Under 3 working days: a flat fee of 50% of the course costs has to be paid.

  • If courses are run by an organizer (such as the Eventagency), the conditions of the external partner are binding.

Other important information:

  • Promotional activities (vouchers, etc.) are never redeemed for cash.

  • Course postponements or course changes are always announced in writing 3 days before the start.

  • We accept no liability for expenses relating to course cancellations due to speaker failures

  • Participants agree that their data will be used for internal information purposes. Please unsubscribe via Mail.

KKA Membership:

  • KKA membership becomes active through a contractual commitment.

  • Membership terms based on the statutes

  • Unforeseeable failures (accidents, stays abroad) are to be discussed with the KKA team. Please send an email with all evidence.

  • Upon signing, members fully agree to the KKA Statutes. Here is a link to our Statutes.

Subject to changes

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